If Quilting is given in the morning, then which one of the following workshops CANNOT be given on Thursday?

J on May 7 at 02:12AM

Question about Q being in the morning...

The answer here is that Scrapbooking cannot be on Thursday, if Q is in the morning. But in one scenario I made: W: QN Th:SR Fri:JK None of these violate the terms of the rules, and when Q is in the morning we see that on Thursday we can have Scrapbooking.

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Ravi on May 7 at 08:21PM


Great question. The scenario you've listed violates the third rule of
the game, which states, "Quilting must be given on an earlier day than
both Kite- making and Needlepoint."

The third rule means that Q must be at least one day before K and N.

In your scenario, you have Q and N on the same day (Wednesday), so
this violates the third rule and can't be a possibility,

Does that make sense? Let us know if you have any other questions!