If Quilting is given in the morning, then which one of the following workshops CANNOT be given on Thursday?

J on May 7, 2019

Question about Q being in the morning...

The answer here is that Scrapbooking cannot be on Thursday, if Q is in the morning. But in one scenario I made: W: QN Th:SR Fri:JK None of these violate the terms of the rules, and when Q is in the morning we see that on Thursday we can have Scrapbooking.


Ravi on May 7, 2019


Great question. The scenario you've listed violates the third rule of
the game, which states, "Quilting must be given on an earlier day than
both Kite- making and Needlepoint."

The third rule means that Q must be at least one day before K and N.

In your scenario, you have Q and N on the same day (Wednesday), so
this violates the third rule and can't be a possibility,

Does that make sense? Let us know if you have any other questions!

on August 10, 2020

Hi team - apologies, I think I am missing something here (but unfortunately can't figure out what). I didn't see the Guru set up, when I went through the game, and doubt I would on test day, so I plugged in the various options.

The two diagrams I had for this were:

W: Q , N/S
Th: K , J
F: N/S , R

W: Q , N/S
Th: N/S , R
F: K , J

I am not seeing why N can't go on Thursday based on the rules - as long as you have either RS or RN together? To me this appears in line with each of the rules...