The vomeronasal organ (VNO) is found inside the noses of various animals. While its structural development and functi...

Shiyi on May 7, 2019

Why is C incorrect?

Why is C incorrect?

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Ravi on May 7, 2019


Great question. Let's look at (A) and (C).

The question asks us to pick the answer that most weakens the argument.

(C) says, "Certain chemicals that play a leading role in the way the
VNO functions in animals in which it is highly developed do not appear
to play a role in its functioning in humans."

(C) just informs us that the VNO functions differently in humans vs.
in other animals. However, this does not mean that the VNO can't be a
sensory organ in humans, so this doesn't weaken the argument. Thus,
(C) is out.

(A) says, "It is not known whether the researchers succeeded in
stimulating only VNO cells in the human subjects' noses."

It's possible that the researchers could have succeeded in stimulating
other kinds of cells, which would mean that the smelling sensation
could possibly have originated from something that isn't the VNO, such
as the sense of smell. Thus, (A) weakens the argument, so it's the
correct answer.

Does this answer make sense? Let us know if you have any other questions!