Which one of the following statements most accurately characterizes a difference between the two passages?

Talley on May 8, 2019

Methods of Reasoning

One example question for methods of reasoning is "The advertisement employs which of the following argumentative strategies?" Can you please provide what would be an example the answers they give as argumentative strategies?

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Ravi on May 9, 2019


Happy to help. One example of a Method of Reasoning question is PT 62,
Section 2, Question #14.

Music professor: Because rap musicians can work alone in a recording
studio, they need not accommodate supporting musicians' wishes.
Further, learning to rap is not as formal a process as learning an
instrument. Thus, rap is an extremely individualistic and
nontraditional musical form.

Music critic: But rap appeals to tradition by using bits of older
songs. Besides, the themes and styles of rap have developed into a
tradition. And successful rap musicians do not perform purely
idiosyncratically but conform their work to the preferences of the

The music critic's response to the music professor's argument...

For this question, here are the various answer choices:

challenges it by offering evidence against one of the stated premises
on which its conclusion concerning rap music is based

challenges its conclusion concerning rap music by offering certain
additional observations that the music professor does not take into
account in his argument

challenges the grounds on which the music professor generalizes from
the particular context of rap music to the broader context of musical
tradition and individuality

challenges it by offering an alternative explanation of phenomena that
the music professor cites as evidence for his thesis about rap music

challenges each of a group of claims about tradition and individuality
in music that the music professor gives as evidence in his argument

Each of these answer choices is an example of the type of
argumentative strategy that could be used in the argument. Note that
this is not an exhaustive list—it's just five possibilities out of a
really large number. That said, hopefully this will give you
familiarity with how these questions can be worded.

Does this make sense? Let us know if you have any more questions!