Music professor: Because rap musicians can work alone in a recording studio, they need not accommodate supporting mus...

Deidra on May 9 at 01:54AM

Could you please explain

Could you please explain why B is the correct answer?

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Ravi on May 9 at 05:56PM


Happy to help.

The question says, "The music critic's response to the music
professor's argument..."

We're looking for what the music critic's argument does. In the
stimulus, the music critic presents new evidence in her argument in
order to counter the music professor's view. We're looking for an
answer choice that paraphrases this.

(B) says, "challenges its conclusion concerning rap music by offering
certain additional observations that the music professor does not take
into account in his argument"

(B) is precisely what we had anticipated. The critic is offering new
evidence to counter the professor's argument, so (B) is the correct
answer choice.

Does this make sense? Let us know if you have any questions!

Deidra on May 20 at 06:07PM

That makes sense now. Thank you!