Which one of the following sentences would most logically complete the passage?

Deke on May 11, 2019

E v A

It seems like both E and A are acceptable answers, is E wrong because it is an extension of an idea touched upon, and A is more basic?

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Ravi on May 11, 2019


Happy to help. Let's take a look at (E) and (A).

(E) says, "Therefore, the Marcusian critique of advertising is
mistaken except in its claim that advertisers exert economic power
over those few people who are unable or unwilling to distinguish real
from false needs."

The Marcusian critique makes the claim that most people aren't able to
differentiate between real and false needs, not just a few people. (E)
presents this as a claim from the Marcusians, but this could also be a
claim that the author actually makes since she appears to make the
implication that some people (uninformed, irrational ones) could
potentially fall under the influence of advertising. However, with
(E), it is presented as it came straight from the Marcusians, so this
does not make sense.

(A) says, "Therefore, while in principle there might be grounds for
holding that advertising is detrimental to society, the Marcusian
critique does not provide such grounds."

The end of the passage concedes that advertising is potentially often
misleading, but it also doubles down on the inadequacy and ultimate
failure of the Marcusian view on how advertising harms people. In
doing so, the author leaves open the possibility that advertising
isn't honest while also refuting the Marcusian view. This is
summarized nicely in (A), which is the best answer choice that would
help logically complete the passage.

Does this make sense? Let us know if you have any more questions!