Radio producer: Our failure to attract new listeners over the past several years has forced us to choose between devo...

maxmassey on May 12, 2019

Can you please explain?

I need some help diagraming the solution to this one

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shunhe on December 27, 2019

Hi @maxmassey,

The radio producer essentially puts forward two choices.

A: Stick with classical music
B: Spread to more popular genres of music.

But we know that if we choose A, we won't make enough money, and we need to make enough money. So to diagram this entire situation:

GEAR = generate enough advertising revenue

A v B
A - > ~GEAR
(We can make explicit the contrapositive: GEAR - > ~A)

Conclusion: B

Now we take a look at answer choice (B). Using almost the same notation, we have

A: make curtains for window
B: buy blinds
SO: special order

A v B
B - > SO
(Note: we can make explicit the contrapositive, ~SO - > ~B)

Conclusion: A

And we see that the reasoning is parallel. Hope this helps! I didn't make explicit every single step as I thought some were self-explanatory, but if you get confused somewhere, feel free to ask further questions.