Climatologists believe they know why Earth has undergone a regular sequence of ice ages beginning around 800,000 year...

Shiyi-Zhang on May 16, 2019

Why is D correct?

Why is D correct?

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Ravi on May 17, 2019


Happy to help.

(D) says, "Large bits of cosmic rock periodically enter Earth’s
atmosphere, raising large amounts of dust from Earth’s surface."

With (D), we'd know that large bits of rock raise lots of dust into
the atmosphere when they hit Earth. However, is this related to
temperatures on Earth? We have no clue whether or not it is. Because
(D) doesn't provide support for the climatologists' hypothesis, it is
the correct answer choice, as we're looking for the one answer that
does not lend support for their hypothesis.

Does this make sense? Let us know if you have any other questions!