The discussion of the chaos of physical systems is intended to perform which one of the following functions in the pa...

Shiyi on May 19, 2019

What does "chaos of physical system" refer to?

What does "chaos of physical system" refer to?

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Shunhe on May 21, 2019

Hi @Shiyi-Zhang,

Thanks for the question! The term "chaos of physical systems" refers to the author's mention of the word "chaos" in line 43 (which is a property of physical systems). What does it tell us? That the chaos of physical systems doesn't let us know a particle's path and exact destination, but still allows us to predict a particle's general destination. This is juxtaposed with Sommerer and Ott's uncertainty, where not even the general destination of the particle given its starting point can be predicted. Thus, bringing up chaos serves to emphasize this difference between the two, and the answer is (D), since it really hammers in how unpredictable Sommerer and Ott's model is. Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.