The primary purpose of the passage is to provide an answer to which on of the following questions?

Shiyi-Zhang on May 20, 2019

Why is E incorrect?

Why is E incorrect?

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Ravi on May 20, 2019


Happy to help.

(E) says, "By what means can Native Americans establish their rights
to land on which their ancestors are buried?"

The first paragraph of the passage discusses how Native Americans can
establish standing; however, the rest of the passage goes into detail
about how graves are actually protected once standing has been
established. (E) leaves this detail out. Additionally, (E) also fails
to focus on the items buried within the land, instead of focusing on
the land itself. This is why (E) is wrong.

(C) says, "In what ways does the law protect the rights of Native
Americans in regard to the contents of ancestral graves?"

The purpose of the whole passage was to discuss how the law actually
protects Native Americans' rights with regard to ancestral graves, and
this is precisely the question that (C) gives us, so it's the right

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