Lopez: Our university is not committed to liberal arts, as evidenced by its decision to close the classics department...

Deidra-McCall on May 20, 2019

Please explain

Why wouldn't Warrington's argument be perceived as a direct challenge to Lopez?

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Victoria on May 25, 2019

Hi @Deidra-McCall,

A direct challenge to Lopez's argument would claim that the university is, in fact, committed to the liberal arts. Warrington makes no such claim. Rather, they suggest that having a classics department is not necessarily indicative of a commitment to the liberal arts because the study of classical works, which is essential to the liberal arts, is also undertaken by other departments.

In this way, Warrington is presenting a consideration to undermine Lopez's reasoning that the closure of the classics department is evidence of the university's lack of commitment to the liberal arts, a strategy directly restated by answer choice E.

Hope this is helpful! Please let us know if you have any further questions.