Meteorologist: The number of tornadoes reported annually has more than doubled since the 1950s. But their actual numb...

chucklopresti on May 21, 2019


Can someone please explain this one to me?

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Christy-Earls on June 11, 2019

Yes same please

Irene-Vera on July 1, 2019

Yes, can some one explain.

Emil-Kunkin on June 27, 2023

Hi the author is trying to prove that despite an increase in the reported number of tornados, the actual underlying number hasn't changed and what has changed is that we got better at finding tornados.

C strengthens the argument by telling us that no such change has occurred in the number of big tornados. This would mean that all of the increase has come from small tornados. Since it's very unlikely that big tornados would ever go unnoticed, this seems to support the idea that what happened is that we are just noticing more small tornadoes that would have otherwise gone unreported.