Which one of the following would, if true, most strengthen the claim made by the author in the last sentence of the p...

Shiyi-Zhang on May 21, 2019

Why is E incorrect?

Why is E incorrect?

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shunhe on January 4, 2020

Hi @Shiyi-Zhang,

Thanks for asking. This question points us to lines that tell us that Sembene's use of binary oppositions are related more to African oral storytelling than Marxism. The question is a Strengthen one, so we need some new information in the answer choices to help support this claim. (E) tells us that some Marxist filmmakers don't use binary oppositions as an essential structuring role. But this is only "some," it could be the case that this is a minority of Marxist filmmakers that don't use it; either way, it doesn't rule out the possibility that Sembene's use of binary oppositions is related to his Marxist beliefs, and so we can eliminate (E). Hope this helps!