Since Jackie is such a big fan of Moral Vacuum's music, she will probably like The Cruel Herd's new album. Like Moral...

Shiyi-Zhang on May 21, 2019

Why is A correct?

Why is A correct?

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Ravi on May 24, 2019


Happy to help. Let's take a look at (A).

For this question, we're looking to choose the answer that strengthens
the argument.

From this stimulus, we can tell the argument is trying to make an
analogy. Although the new album by The Cruel Herd is similar to Moral
Vacuum's music in some ways, there's still the possibility that there
could be many differences between the two. In order to strengthen the
analogy, we need to find more similarities between the two items. If
one of the answers provides us with another similarity, then that will
help to strengthen the argument and the analogy.

(A) says, "Jackie has not previously cared for The Cruel Herd, but on
the new album The Cruel Herd's previous musical arranger has been
replaced by Moral Vacuum's musical arranger."

(A) provides us with another similarity between The Cruel Herd's new
album and Moral Vacuum's music. With (A), we know that the bands have
the same musical manager. Even though (A) begins by saying that Jackie
has not previously cared for The Cruel Herd, this pertains to The
Cruel Herd's music prior to the new album, so it's irrelevant. Thus,
(A) still strengthens the argument, so it's the correct answer choice.

Does this make sense? Let us know if you have any more questions!