A study of guppy fish shows that a male guppy will alter its courting patterns in response to feedback from a female ...

claire_crites on May 22, 2019


Why is A correct?

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Ravi on May 23, 2019


Happy to help. We're looking for the answer that provides the most
support for the argument.

(A) says, "When a model of a female guppy was substituted for the
female guppy, male guppies still courted, but were not more likely to
show their side with more orange."

(A) strengthens the argument by showing no cause, no effect. The male
guppies still courted the model female (fake) guppy, but they weren't
more likely to show their side with more orange. The model female
guppy would not provide any feedback to the males, so there is no
cause present, and the males stopped showing their side with more
orange, so there's no effect. This most strongly supports the
argument, so it's the correct answer choice.

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