Pratt: Almost all cases of rabies in humans come from being bitten by a rabid animal, and bats do carry rabies. But t...

Aidyn-Carlson on May 24, 2019

How to approach question

How do you arrive at the right answer on this question

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Ravi on May 24, 2019


Happy to help. We're trying to weaken the argument.

Pratt believes that because bats are shy, rarely bite, and the
majority of bats do not have rabies, the fact that some bats do have
rabies doesn't justify getting rid of bats in buildings where people
are. We need to select an answer choice that weakens his argument and
helps us to make the case that we should still get rid of bats in
buildings where people are.

(B) says, "Rabid bats are less mobile than other bats but are much
more aggressive."

(B) weakens Pratt's argument because it tells us that rabid bats are
much more aggressive than other bats. From this, we know that even if
bats rarely bite and most bats do not have rabies, this suggests that
the bats that do have rabies bite more frequently, weakening Pratt's

Does this make sense? Let us know if you have any other questions!