Philosopher:  Nations are not literally persons; they have no thoughts or feelings, and, literally speaking, they per...

JRO on May 24, 2019

Question #6 Explanation

Hello. I would like to know why the answer to #6 is B and not anything else?

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Ravi on May 24, 2019


Happy to help. Let's take a look at (B). As the question stem notes,
we're looking to pick the answer that most logically completes the

(B) says, "cannot survive unless many of its citizens have some
beliefs that are literally false"

While it's true that (B) appears to be an extreme answer choice, it's
actually proven by the premises of the argument. A nation's survival
is dependent upon its citizens believing that the nation has moral
rights and responsibilities, and—as the stimulus notes—these are false
beliefs. Therefore, (B) is the correct answer choice.

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