Ullman: Plato argued that because of the harmful ways in which music can manipulate the emotions, societies need to p...

Aidyn on May 25, 2019

Why not e

I got the correct answer of A but e looks attractive

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Victoria on May 25, 2019

Hi @Aidyn-Carlson,

The key part of E to focus on which makes it the incorrect answer is "to control them."

The passage talks about music manipulating emotions and Ullman's argument that musicians do not seek to manipulate emotions, but it does not mention manipulating emotions for the purpose of controlling people. Narrowing the answer choice to artists who try to manipulate people's emotions to control them overlooks the artists seeking to manipulate emotions for other reasons, thereby failing to greatly impact Ullman's argument.

Hope this is helpful! Please let us know if you have any further questions.