What is the minimum number of different salaries earned by the nine partners of the firm?

Angel on May 25, 2019


Just want to understand why it's 7 varied salaries as opposed to 9 being that no information is given to concluded that any two partners earn similar or different salaries. Thanks


Shunhe on January 7, 2020

Hi @3scobar14,

If I understand your question correctly, we can't conclude that all the salaries will be different unless the prompt explicitly tells us something like "No two partners have the same salary." In the absence of information, we have to assume that all the options are possible, so if they don't say, the salaries could be the same or different. Hope this helps!

Fiona on August 10, 2020


So, the biggest thing I struggle with is reading the answer and then knowing how to get that answer. Once I know the route the explanation is taking on achieving the correct answer, I can go on by myself. So, Im wondering how to begin to determine the route to getting the correct answer. Any tips or suggestions?

Ernesto on September 16, 2020

Fiona I would have to agree with that statement that is exactly how I feel.