Insurgent political parties that are profoundly dissatisfied with the dominant party's reign and justificatory ideolo...

JRO on May 25, 2019

Question $34

Why is the answer B?

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laurenkirwan on October 1, 2019

could we please get an answer on this ^? I was stuck between B and C.

KRN on February 2, 2021

Me too- why b over c?

Mazen on March 4, 2021

Not an instructor, but I did not hesitate to eliminate C for the following reasons:
First, the question regarding argument completion is a must be true answer-choice.
Second, C concerns the promulgation of a new ideology; we do not know whether the new insurgent party will not always promulgate a new ideology... I am assuming that you find C attractive because of "the disagreements within the factions" of the political party; however, an ideology is a much broader political philosophy of the party; factional disagreements on the other hand are much narrower issues.
Answer-Choice B is a much better inference/conclusion than C, because it brings together the ideas of dominance by a political party and disagreements which are the key in the stimulus.
Again, I am not an instructor; but hopefully I helped!