Editorial: Painting involves a sequential application of layers, each of which adheres satisfactorily only if the und...

JRO on May 25, 2019

Question #59

Why is the answer E and not B? What eliminates B and qualifies E?

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Caramujo on September 7, 2019

Hi @JRO, Great question. Maybe I can help.

Let's look at the stimulus.
In a description of painting, the Editorial highlights the sequential application of layers, adhering satisfactorily only if the underlying layer has been properly applied. The Editorial then draws an analogy between education and the craft of painting.

At this point, if we were to stop here and answer the question, answer choice B would most logically be the next sentence. In this case, students with a secure grasp of the fundamentals (underlying layers) are likely to make progress in that subject (satisfactorily adhering sequential applications). However, we are given more information in the stimulus. Let's continue.

The stimulus elaborates more on painting and tells us that the most important steps in painting are preparation of the surface to be painted and application of the primer coat. We are then asked which of the choices best completes the argument.

E is now what would most logically follow. In light of the new information, a more specific detail of theanalogy is brought forth and the key word in the incomplete sentence is "most". The success of a student's overall educational experience (successful painting) depends above all (most) upon that student's initial educational experience (preparation of the surface and application of primer).

In this way, B can be eliminated as an answer choice, and E can be qualified.

I'm guessing at this point you've already taken the test, but hey, maybe someone else has the same question.

nivensdc on December 21, 2019

Thanks for the clarification