Ostrich farming requires far less acreage than cattle ranching requires, and ostriches reproduce much faster than cat...

Claire on May 27, 2019


Why is this A and not D? Thanks!

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Ravi on May 27, 2019


Happy to help. Let's take a look at (A) and (D).

(D) says, "The average ostrich farm generates almost five times as
much profit as the average cattle ranch."

We know that an ostrich farm can eventually bring in five times as
much as the cattle farm. However, we do not know what happens to the
average ostrich farm, so (D) isn't supported by the stimulus. It's

(A) says, "Two pairs of yearling ostriches are more expensive than a
herd of cows and a bull."

(A) has to be true. Initially, an ostrich farm costs more than a
cattle farm does. Ostrich farms need two ostriches. Cattle farms need
a big herd of cows and one bull. Given this, the two ostriches must
cost more than the cows and the bull cost. However, we know that
everything else isn't equal. Fewer acres are required for the
ostriches than for the cows, so this means that the two ostriches are
definitely more expensive than the cows are. Thus, (A) is the correct
answer, and it's the one that's most strongly supported by the

Does this make sense? Let us know if you have any other questions!

vasi on June 7, 2020

What about food or facilities? I feel as though there is no way of knowing all the eternal factors...