Widespread use of the Internet has led to an increase in certain crimes such as information theft and to new crimes l...

claire_crites on May 27, 2019


Why is the answer A instead of E?

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Ravi on June 9, 2019


Happy to help. Let's look at (A) and (E).

(E) says, "People who harm others through impersonal means are no less
culpable for their actions than are people who harm others in person."

(E) tells us that someone who harms others online is just as deserving
of blame as someone who harms others in person. The problem with (E)
is that it doesn't help justify the argument, as it doesn't give us
information that education would help this problem. Thus, (E) is out.

(A) says, "Education about the ethical use of a tool increases one's
sense of moral responsibility regarding its use."

We know from the stimulus that the big issue with the Internet is a
lack of moral constraint. With (A), we know that education would
increase one's sense of moral responsibility, which helps to justify
the reasoning in the argument and the conclusion that steps should be
taken to educate people about the ethical use of the Internet. Thus,
(A) is the correct answer choice.

Does this make sense? Let us know if you have any other questions!