Which one of the following is most analogous to the process, described in the last paragraph, by which the spread of ...

Shiyi-Zhang on June 1, 2019

Why is B correct?

Could you explain what were answer B referring to?

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Ravi on June 1, 2019


Happy to help. Let's take a look.

(B) says, "A newspaper works to prevent Party A from winning a
majority of seats in the legislature by publishing editorials
defending candidates from a rival party against attacks by certain
broadcast journalists."

We're looking for the answer that is most analogous to the process
described in the last paragraph (stopping the spreading of thistles).
In the passage, the study examines spreading beneficial organisms into
overproduced areas of land in order to help defend native plants from
various disease-causing organisms and to also slow the spreading of
problematic weeds, such as thistles. The basic gist of the process is
that they're spreading the defending organisms in order to weaken the
disease-causing ones. With (B), the newspaper is working against
political party A by publishing editorials that defend their rival
candidates (this is analogous to spreading the defenders) against
attacks from other journalists (this is analogous to weakening the
disease-causing organisms).

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions!