If Greed is shown exactly three times, Harvest is shown exactly twice, and Limelight is shown exactly once, then whic...

Marisa on June 1, 2019


Hello!! So I am curious as to how you knew there was another scenario that could be developed with this question? As a test taker, should I always create more than one scenario for each question, if possible of course.


Ravi on June 1, 2019


Great question. We know that there's more than one scenario for this
game because of how open-ended the rules are. We simply can't capture
all of the possibilities in just one game board.

As a test taker, you should always create more scenarios if the new
scenarios are helping you to learn more about the game. It's not
always necessary to make more scenarios on each question, but it can
be helpful. It's really dependent upon each game.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions!

Marisa on June 2, 2019

Thank you! It does.

Ravi on June 2, 2019

@Mari, you're welcome!

on August 11, 2021

Following up on this! Is there a "max" amount of scenarios that need to be accounted for with questions in this section—meaning is it usually 1 scenario or maybe 2 or 3 possible scenarios?

Ravi on February 7 at 03:18AM

There's no "maximum" per se, as some games have dozens of scenarios to draw. What you should focus on is making as many scenarios as you can based on the rules and what you can deduce from them. In general though, if a game appears to have more scenarios than questions, then you're probably better off not making all of them. I tell people to always take stock of your rules, combine them when possible, and then make as many deductions as you can based on those rules. Make game boards with these deductions to the best of your ability until you've run out of deductions to make.