Consumer:  The latest Connorly Report suggests that Ocksenfrey prepackaged meals are virtually devoid of nutritional ...

Keshav-Raja on June 1, 2019



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Ravi on June 3, 2019

@Keshav-Raja, did you have a question?

Nikki37 on September 13, 2019

Can you please why answer choice E is the wrong answer choice.

Skylar on September 13, 2019

@Keshav-Raja Happy to help.

The consumer states that the Connorly Report suggested Ocksenfrey meals are not nutritious. However, because the Connorly Report is commissioned by Danto Foods (Ocksenfry's biggest rival), the consumer argues that there is bias. This is where the consumer's argument makes the jump from a source of bias to the statement being completely untrue. This jump is not strongly supported, which is what makes answer choice A the correct answer.

Answer choice E states that the consumer "presumes, without providing justification, that Danto Foods' public relations department would not approve a draft of a report that was hostile to Danto Foods' products." This is incorrect because the report in question is about Ocksenfrey's products, not Danto Foods' products. Be careful not to stretch this answer choice to mean more than it explicitly states. For example, we do not necessarily know that a report stating Ocksenfrey's foods are nutritious would be "hostile" to Danto products (consider the case that both are nutritious). Moreover, we do not know anything about the reports Danto Foods' public relations department has approved in the past.

Hope this helps to clarify!