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KK. on June 10, 2019

Question #14 - Answer Choices D & E

Pictorially, I understand how MacNeil and Owens are in the same position. However, I don't understand what it means by claiming it's in the same position as an answer choice

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Victoria on June 28, 2019

Hi @KK.

I'm a bit confused by your wording but I'm assuming that you are asking how both answer choices D and E can claim that MacNeill and Owens joined the firm in 1964.

For logic games questions which ask which of the following could/cannot be true, all the answer choices do not exist simultaneously in the same set-up. Answer choice D is suggesting that MacNeill could have joined the firm in 1964. This would be possible in a scenario where Owens did not join the firm in 1964 and vice versa.

Treat each answer choice as a completely different set-up and see if that one answer choice is possible.

I hope this is helpful. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you need further clarification.