The prehistoric fish Tiktaalik is the earliest known animal with fingers. Since variations were so great among prehis...

Christy-Earls on June 10, 2019

Why E?

Can you please explain why E is supported by the statements in this passage? It just isn't clicking for me. Thanks!!!

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Ravi on June 10, 2019


Happy to help. We're looking for the answer choice that's most
strongly supported by the stimulus. Let's take a look at (E).

(E) says, "The evolutionary significance of Tiktaalik could not be
determined just through comparison to fish species of its time."

(E) is precisely what we're looking for. The stimulus tells us that
when the Tiktaalik was around, it didn't really stand out because
there was so much variation between fish. Other fish had unique
characteristics, too, so only over a long period of time and within
the context of animal evolution as a whole could we realize just how
important the Tiktaalik's fingers were, and (E) picks up on this.
Thus, it's the correct answer choice.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions!