Editorial: Our political discussions tend to focus largely on the flaws of our nation's leaders, but we need to remin...

Madelyn-Luskey on June 10, 2019


Can you please explain the answer choice? I narrowed it down to A and B, but I picked B. Thank you

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Kanyin on July 5, 2019

Hey Madelyn, I'm not with LSATmax but A is correct because if you negate the argument would break.

If it is true that "Examining an individual leader's personal flaws can reveal anything about how the nation's institutions and procedures influence the selection of leaders" then it is not pointless to focus on the leaders -- you'll be learning about the institutions and so will be fulfilling one of the premises.

Hope this helps!

Ravi on July 23, 2019


@Kanyin is correct. This question is a strengthen with a necessary
premise question, so if the negation of an answer choice wrecks the
argument, then we know that it's the correct answer choice. Does this
make sense? If you'd like further clarification, let us know, and
we'll be happy to help.

@Kanyin, great participation. Keep up the hard work, and thanks for
engaging with your fellow students on the boards!