The author uses the word "immediacy" (line 39) most likely in order to express

Madelynn22 on June 13, 2019

Example Problem #4

Within question #4 it states "Greek cities all had marketplaces or agorae." In the video I learned that "all" introduces a sufficient condition. However, the explanation in the problem uses Greek cites as the sufficient condition and marketplaces as the necessary condition. This does not make sense to me because all is following Greek cities and introducing marketplaces... Can you please provide some clarification to help me understand?

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Madelynn22 on June 13, 2019

Also, I seem to really be struggling with correctly setting up the sufficient and necessary problems. Is this normal... Should I just continue to become better as I practice?

Victoria on June 15, 2019

Hi @Madelynn22,

This is completely normal. Viewing arguments through this lens and setting up sufficient and necessary conditions are new ways of thinking for most people. You should improve if you keep practicing and focus on diagramming sufficient and necessary conditions.

As for example problem #4, your error is that you are attempting to diagram the sentence in the exact order that it has been written without further examining the key words.

The sentence "Greek cities all had marketplaces or agorae" uses the word 'all' to refer to the Greek cities, not to the marketplaces. The sentence is not saying that Greek cities had all of the marketplaces (wherein marketplaces would be the sufficient condition). Rather, it is saying that all Greek cities had marketplaces. Therefore, Greek cities is the sufficient condition and marketplaces is the necessary condition.

The more you practice setting up sufficient and necessary conditions, the easier it will become. For now, try to take your time and really focus on breaking down exactly what the sentence/argument is telling you prior to diagramming it.

Hope this is helpful! Good luck studying and please let us know if you have any further questions.