If Patterson meets with Tang at 4:00, then which one of the following must be true?

Morgan_Schavone on June 14, 2019


So for questions on the logical games section that deals with a "must be true" scenario, I find myself usually trying to prove that each answer choice can be false. This can take the majority of my time. Is there a more efficient way to tackle these questions?

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Victoria on June 14, 2019

Hi @Morgan_Schavone,

As you are looking for the answer choice which must be true, you are also trying to prove that each of the remaining answers can be false. To prove that an answer choice can be false, you simply need to find one scenario where the answer choice does not work.

Must be true questions in logic games either work using the original conditions or introduce a new condition and ask you to determine which of the following answer choices must be true. If you have successfully diagrammed the game and, if possible, all potential scenarios, then the original conditions or the introduction of a new condition should, generally, limit your diagram in such a way that it becomes relatively easy to determine which of the answer choices must be true.

My tips to make answering these questions more efficient would be to: (1) ensure that you have fully diagrammed the question and all potential scenarios based on the information presented in the question; (2) when going through the answer choices, try to place the relevant variable in a different spot than is named in the answer choice because, if this works, then you immediately know that the answer choice does not have to be true and you can eliminate it; and (3) practice, practice, practice! These skills take time to build but, the more practice questions you do, the better you will become at spotting patterns and developing your own tricks to answering questions most efficiently.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Happy studying!