The passage suggests that the "peers" mentioned in line 22 would have been most likely to agree with which one of the...

on June 15, 2019

Why is C correct?

Can you please explain why C is right over option E? Thanks!


Ravi on June 15, 2019


Happy to help. Let's take a look at (C) and (E).

(E) says, "Dance forms are too variable across cultures to permit
rigorous means of data collection."

The problem with (E) is that we know the peers mentioned in line 22
did not believe that dance was a topic of intense scientific rigor.
However, whether or not dance isn't a subject of scientific rigor
because of there being a problem in collecting data (or some other
sort of problem) is not discussed in the passage, so we can get rid of

(C) says, "Research into dance as a cultural form cannot be conducted
with a high degree of scientific precision."

We see in the peers in line 22 have a relatively negative attitude, as
their belief is that dance wasn't worth studying and was not
scientifically rigorous. (C) touches upon this well, so it's the
correct answer choice.

Does this answer your question? Let us know if you'd like any more

John on May 30, 2021

My issue is still with the term "Precision". It seems like a bit of a jump to go from lacking scientific rigor befitting a social scientist to lacking "precision". I see its the "most" right answer but it just doesn't feel right