Madden: Industrialists address problems by simplifying them, but in farming that strategy usually leads to oversimpl...

heidiz on June 16, 2019

Answer D

Why is answer choice D wrong?

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Ravi on June 17, 2019


Happy to help. Let's look at (D).

(D) says, "Industrial solutions for problems in farming should never be sought."

It's reasonable to make the inference that farmers should be preferred
over industrialists when it comes to solving farming-related problems.
However, (D) makes an equivocation and states that industrial
solutions should not ever be sought in farming, so we can get rid of
this answer choice.

Does this answer your question? Let us know if you have any other questions!

Meredith on September 11, 2019

What do you mean by it making an equivocation? I picked D over B as well.

Skylar on September 21, 2019

@Meredith The term "equivocation" typically means using vague, ambiguous, evasive, or double-meaning language to mislead or to avoid answering directly. In terms of the LSAT, we need to watch out for equivocations and instead try to pick the clearest, most logically relevant answer choice.

When I eliminated D, I did so primarily because I felt it overcommitted the position of Madden. In the question prompt, Madden states "...that strategy USUALLY leads to oversimplification." The use of the term "usually" leaves room for a few exceptional cases in which the strategy may work well. Therefore, answer choice D's idea that "industrial solutions for problems in farming should NEVER be sought" is too strong of a statement for Madden to support.

Does this make sense? Please let us know if you'd like more clarification!