The obsession of economists with consumption as a measure of economic well–being has prevented us from understanding ...

mjenei on June 20, 2019


Hi, can you please explain this answer to me? Thank you.

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Ravi on June 20, 2019


Happy to help. The author is arguing that the idea of consumption
isn't sufficient for explaining economic well being. The author
provides the example that humans get very little satisfaction from
knowing that various products get consumed.

We're looking for what the author is arguing. We know that the author
is trying to say that consumption is insufficient for explaining
economic well being.

(C) says, "Aboriginal communities should be granted full protection of
all of their customs."

(A) is supported by the second sentence in the stimulus that deals
with clothes wearing out, automobiles depreciating, and gas burning
up. (A) must be true based on the stimulus, as if it were false, it
would contradict the first sentence in the stimulus. Thus, (A) is the
correct answer, as it's supported by the stimulus and highlights what
the author is arguing.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions!