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charlierusso04 on June 24, 2019

question 14

so what we are saying about D and E is that they could be true because they each have only two names that come before them. and in 1964 you have three available slots before that date so since we only need two and have three its possible?

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Victoria on June 24, 2019

Hello @charlierusso04,

That is correct. The opposite of 'cannot be true' is 'could be true' so any answer choices that could possibly be true are incorrect.

We can see from our sequence that it is entirely possible that Hodges joined in 1961. Additionally, Hodges must have at least 5 variables following them, so it is also possible that they joined in 1963.

For both MacNeil and Owens (answer choices D and E), we know that they must each have at least two names preceding them. As you noted, there are three available slots so both D and E could be true.

This leaves answer choice C. We know that Gregg must have at least four variables preceding them. Therefore, it cannot be true that Gregg joined in 1964 because this would leave only three available slots.

Keep up the good work! Please let us know if you have any further questions.

charlierusso04 on June 25, 2019

So i am doing the 30 main point questions and I finished all the questions and got 15/30 right. I made sure i practiced all of them under the 1 minute and 24 seconds that you should finish them in. I am wondering since I have been doing this program for two days now, if this is on pace to get a good score or if i'm not on pace to do well on the lsat

Victoria on June 26, 2019

Hi @charlierusso04

I think you definitely have the potential to score well on the LSAT. The first couple weeks of studying are the hardest as you are learning new ways of thinking and reasoning.

For now, focus on developing the skills and understanding the logic regardless of how long it takes you to answer questions. You will get faster as you practice. It is more important at this stage in your studying that you have a handle on the underlying concepts.

Keep up the good work!