A species in which mutations frequently occur will develop new evolutionary adaptations in each generation. Since spe...

on June 25 at 09:50PM

How would we diagram this?

Are the sentences that involve "will" sufficient and neccessary statements?

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Ravi on June 27 at 10:16PM


Great question. Yes, in many instances, sentences with "will" are
conditional statements. Here's how I'd diagram this stimulus:

Sentence 1: MFO - >DNEA
Sentence 2 before comma: SSDC - >DNEA
Sentence 2 after comma (conclusion): MFO - >SSDC

This flawed argument is saying

A - >B
C - >B

Therefore, A - >C.

(C) matches the flaw.


C: PH - >MUP

A - >B
C - >B

Therefore, A - >C

Same type of flaw.

Does this make sense? Let us know if you have any questions!