A species in which mutations frequently occur will develop new evolutionary adaptations in each generation. Since spe...

on June 25, 2019

How would we diagram this?

Are the sentences that involve "will" sufficient and neccessary statements?


Ravi on June 27, 2019


Great question. Yes, in many instances, sentences with "will" are
conditional statements. Here's how I'd diagram this stimulus:

Sentence 1: MFO - >DNEA
Sentence 2 before comma: SSDC - >DNEA
Sentence 2 after comma (conclusion): MFO - >SSDC

This flawed argument is saying

A - >B
C - >B

Therefore, A - >C.

(C) matches the flaw.


C: PH - >MUP

A - >B
C - >B

Therefore, A - >C

Same type of flaw.

Does this make sense? Let us know if you have any questions!

on May 26, 2020

So will signs Necessary?