If Osaka is visited second, how many of the six cities could be the one visited fourth?

Kanyinsola on June 27 at 01:47PM

Why is it wrong that 4 can be visited 3rd if o is visited 2nd

Drawn out it you could have this 4 scenarios TOHM HOTM TOJH TOMH - none of the rules are broken. S is out - J is only in when it's 3rd - H/T are not directly next to each other and are in I'm confused as to why then 4 is the wrong answer

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Ravi on June 27 at 09:51PM


Happy to help.

We know O is in 2

_ O _ _ | S _

We know that if O is in, S is out.
We have H, T, M, and J.

We know that if J is in, J must be in 3. Clearly, then, J can't be in 4.

This means that only H, T, or M can be in 4, and this is why (C) is
correct because it says that 3 of the 6 cities could be visited 4th.

Does this make sense? Let us know if you have any other questions!

Kanyinsola on June 28 at 10:48AM

Oh I'm an idiot. I was reading it as which fab be in 3 as you can tell from my diagram. Thanks

Ravi on June 28 at 08:51PM

@Kanyin, Happy to help! Sometimes it can be tricky to keep track of everything, so just make sure you're properly understanding what they're referring to, and you'll be fine. Let us know if you have any other questions—we're here to help!