Based on the passage, it can be concluded that the author and Broyles-González hold essentially the same attitude toward

HananFrancis on June 30, 2019


Once we get into the hang of things, how long should we take on each question?

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Ravi on June 30, 2019

@HananFrancis, it really depends on the question. On average, you have about 84 seconds to answer each question, but some questions might take you under 30 seconds to answer, whereas others may take almost two minutes to answer. I wouldn't worry too much about the timing. Just focus on your accuracy and getting the question in front of you right, and your speed will pick up over time. Keep up the hard work!

HananFrancis on July 2, 2019

I am stuck on the S & N Conditions and am having a hard time moving forward. I become frustrated while completing the question alone because it takes me one hour to complete about 10 questions since I am constantly having to go back and forth between my notes. I started S & N conditions three days ago and still have not grasped how to complete the questions correctly and feel that I am wasting time.

I'm having a hard time keeping myself motivated because I feel like I will never get past this section.

My test day is in September and I am worried that I will not be fully prepared because the following logical reasoning questions also include S&N.

Ravi on July 2, 2019

@HananFrancis, three days really isn't much time at all—it can take students weeks to fully grasp the S&N conditions if it's a brand new concept. Keep on drilling and reviewing the lessons, and you will eventually see improvement. Don't get discouraged if it doesn't happen immediately. It can take a while for you to really see big improvements. Regarding your test day, if you feel like you're not ready, you can always withdraw before midnight the day before your test, and it won't count as a test that you've taken, nor will it show up on your record. I'd say to keep studying hard in the meantime, and if you don't feel ready a few days before the test, it's fine to postpone your test date to a later period.

Does this make sense? Let us know if you have any other questions!