Suppose that a group of independent journalists has uncovered evidence of human rights abuses being perpetrated by a ...

Dan on July 1, 2019

Why A?

I just cannot find the support from the passage, could you please explain?

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Owen-Daly-2 on July 7, 2019

I also would like clarification on why Choice A is correct

Milica Gligic on November 5, 2019

I also had problems with this question. I first picked E then C and finally A.
The support is in L20-24. Choice A suggests that a country that is in violation of HR should take prompt remedial action. Other choices that imply some sort of action are oddly specific, making it hard to find direct evidence to support the mechanism which governs them.
" "to take separate and joint action and to
. co-operate with the organization for the promotion of
. human rights." This would have implied an obligation
. for member states to act on human rights issues.''

shunhe on December 31, 2019

Hi all,

Yup, I'd say that the support can be found from lines 11-24. (A) requires the member state to take action and General Assembly authentication. Well done, @Milica!