Which one of the following pairs CANNOT be the fourth and fifth students to perform, respectively?

Michelle on July 1, 2019


Could this game be drawn out or explained?

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Shunhe on January 8, 2020

Hi @mjenei,

Thanks for the question! So with the overall game set up for this one, we know it's going to be a linear ordering game. First, we're told that H goes before R, so

H - R

Then, we're given a conditional.

G - T - > R&S - T (using shorthand because of typing on a keyboard, we don't know about the relative order of R and S)

Then, we know that

H - ST v ST - H (without saying anything about the relative order or position of ST)

We can also sketch out one of the possible scenarios if we want, which is when G comes before T, since that means T comes dead last.


H - R - T

Also, one of the diagonal lines might not appear, so if you see blank space, assume a diagonal line connecting G to T, H to S, and S to T. That's the overall set up. Hope this helps.