Which one of the following pairs CANNOT be the fourth and fifth students to perform, respectively?

Michelle on July 1, 2019


Could this game be drawn out or explained?


Shunhe on January 8, 2020

Hi @mjenei,

Thanks for the question! So with the overall game set up for this one, we know it's going to be a linear ordering game. First, we're told that H goes before R, so

H - R

Then, we're given a conditional.

G - T - > R&S - T (using shorthand because of typing on a keyboard, we don't know about the relative order of R and S)

Then, we know that

H - ST v ST - H (without saying anything about the relative order or position of ST)

We can also sketch out one of the possible scenarios if we want, which is when G comes before T, since that means T comes dead last.


H - R - T

Also, one of the diagonal lines might not appear, so if you see blank space, assume a diagonal line connecting G to T, H to S, and S to T. That's the overall set up. Hope this helps.