The stations that close could include both

mjenei on July 1, 2019


Could this game be drawn out or explained?

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shunhe on January 8, 2020

Hi @mjenei,

Thanks for the question! This seems like an in/out group game. We're told that at least one of the stations needs to be closed, and there are 6 stations total. Then, the rules tell us the following:

N v R
N - > L
R - > M
~L v ~R

And because at least one of N or R stays open, we know that at least one station must be open. And since both of the ones that have to stay open imply that another station has to be open, we know that at least two stations have to be open because one of N and R has to stay open. If it's N, L's also open. If it's R, M's also open. We also know that if it's N, then L stays open, which means R has to close. And if it's R, L has to close. But so far, we know for sure that at least two stations remain open, and one closes.

_ _ | _

And we could draw out the hypotheticals where N is open vs when R is open. Hope this helps! Happy to answer any further questions about this specific question or about the game in general.