Modern science is built on the process of posing hypotheses and testing them against observations—in essence, attempt...

Sean on July 8, 2019

B, as it is written, seems incorrect

If you change MOST to SOME, then B is a clear fit. But I don't think the stimulus supports that MOST climatologists have SUBSTANTIAL MOTIVE to pursue climate research. Yes, you provide a justification: "there is no greater", but that does not exclude NON-substantial motivations. Accepting that a breakthrough would grant climatologists world renown does not mean that is the motivating factor for MOST of them. Do you even need motive to do work? Not aways. Does that make sense? MOST just seems like a reach for me... This question actually feels like it should be an assumption question; fill in the hole that allows the stimulus to grant "MOST" in the conclusion.

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Ravi on July 8, 2019


Let's take a look at (B).

(B) says, "Most researchers in climatology have substantial motive to
find evidence that would discredit the global warming hypothesis."

You're right that "most" is pretty strong, but the correct answer to
this question does not have to be bulletproof. We're just looking for
the answer choice that the stimulus provides the *most* support for.
We know from the stimulus that scientists receive lots of recognition
for overthrowing conventional wisdom. We know that global warming is
the conventional wisdom, so scientists do have a motive to challenge
global warming.

Were there any answer choices you thought were better than (B)? If so,
let us know so we can review it/them with you.

Sean on July 8, 2019

Were better? No...but I still don't think B is adequate. Going from "do have motive" (from what you just wrote) to "substantial motive" still seems like a gap to me.

I chose A erroneously as I ran out of time and couldn't find enough reason to ditch one or the other, but A is clearly out of scope (upon reviewing it).

This is one of those trust-the-lsat-writers situation...the other answers are wrong, but their answer isn't great.