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charlierusso04 on July 8, 2019

linear games question 4

how come "B" is not the correct answer? isn't if Hall is in second that jones has to be first?

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Ravi on July 8, 2019


Happy to help.

The rule states that if J is in 1, then H is in 2

J1 - >H2

H not in 2 - >J not in 1

We're told H is in 2.

This means that the necessary condition for the rule has been
satisfied. What happens now? Well, the rule goes away and is

It looks like you may have confused satisfying the necessary for
satisfying the sufficient. If the necessary condition is satisfied, we
can't automatically trigger the sufficient. This is why (B) is
incorrect; J can go in 4, and (B) doesn't include J as a possibility
for going in 4.

Does this make sense? Let us know if you have any other questions!

Khrysten-Williams on August 27, 2019

Hi is there an error with this question and answer ? If C is the correct answer , and your saying H is in day 2 it is because I was in one right ? Because the contrapositive of the 3rd rule is if H is not in 2 then J isn't in one . But by picking C. Your saying H is in day 2 but not that J is in 1 , super confusing .