With which one of the following statements would both Rawls and the author of the passage be most likely to agree?

Irene-Vera on July 9, 2019

Supporting evidence for answer A

what lines can I find the evidence for A in?

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Minerva on August 17, 2019

The word "preferences" in A made me eliminate that choice. Can someone please explain?

Meredith on October 23, 2019

I also am curious why the answer is A like the two other posts. Can someone please help

shunhe on December 23, 2019

Hi all, there's another thread on this question that also addresses support for A, but to briefly recap it, if we look at the first paragraph, we see the example of sacrificing one for the sake of appeasing a mob, which the utilitarian would have to agree with. Rawls, on the other hand, is opposed to this (see line 14). Hope this helps.