The tax bill passed 2 years ago provides substantial incentives for businesses that move to this area and hire 50 or ...

Aidyn-Carlson on July 10, 2019

Can someone tell me what d means in plain English

I got to it by eliminating all other answers as out of scope but I have no idea what it's actually saying

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Irina on July 16, 2019


D is saying "If Plastonica (P) had not opened the plastics factory in the area, it would have opened it somewhere else." The author argues that it is because of the tax bill, P chose to open the factory in the area, but this argument only makes sense if they planned to open a factory elsewhere and only chose to do it in the area because of tax incentives. If P planned to open the factory in the area anyway regardless of the tax bill, we cannot logically conclude that the tax bill had the desired impact.

Let me know if this helps.

Jamestown on October 19, 2019

The answer is B

dace on November 12, 2019

Just wanted to flag @Irina that the answer is B, not D. May want to revise the answer so people do not think D is correct!

Masada on May 8, 2020

irena is only explaining d for the person above she does not state it is the answer.