Gilbert: This food label is mistaken. It says that these cookies contain only natural ingredients, but they contain ...

zgnewquist on July 11, 2019

Why is E Correct?

This does not make much sense to me, I am missing the assumption

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Ravi on July 12, 2019


Happy to help.

We're looking to strengthen Sabina's argument.

(E) says, "All substances except those that do not occur naturally in
any source are considered natural."

(E) is basically exactly what Sabina is assuming in her argument. With
(E), we're identifying a missing assumption because she didn't say
this in her argument. Sabina assumes that if a chemical exists
anywhere in nature (just as alphahydroxy acids are found in
sugarcane), then it can be considered to be natural, even if the case
involves that chemical being made a manufacturing plant. This is a big
assumption she's making. If (E) is true, it would certainly strengthen
her argument by confirming the assumption she is making.

In identifying this missing assumption, we are strengthening her
argument, so (E) is the correct answer choice.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions!