Brain scans of people exposed to certain neurotoxins reveal brain damage identical to that found in people suffering ...

Lizzie on July 12, 2019

Why B?

Reading this stimulus, I didn't feel as though the author was overestimating the importance of early prevention. In all honesty, I didn't think the author was even trying to highlight the importance of early detection/prevention, let alone over estimating its importance. What am i missing in this argument that, if I had picked up on, would have led me to choose the correct answer?

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Irina on July 12, 2019

@Lizzie-Annerino Thank you for your question. Upon further research, it appears that the official LSAC answer to this question is incorrect. The correct answer should be C.

Avi on June 4, 2020

So there were two wrong with this test? The question before also had a mistake. Should I report this to the tech team?

Athena on August 2, 2020

Please fix this as well. It marked me wrong when my answer was correct.

John on March 4, 2021

That is hilarious! I came in here positively gob-smacked and it all makes sense now. Thank you!