Brain scans of people exposed to certain neurotoxins reveal brain damage identical to that found in people suffering ...

Lizzie on July 12, 2019

Why B?

Reading this stimulus, I didn't feel as though the author was overestimating the importance of early prevention. In all honesty, I didn't think the author was even trying to highlight the importance of early detection/prevention, let alone over estimating its importance. What am i missing in this argument that, if I had picked up on, would have led me to choose the correct answer?

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Irina on July 12, 2019

@Lizzie-Annerino Thank you for your question. Upon further research, it appears that the official LSAC answer to this question is incorrect. The correct answer should be C.

Avi on June 4 at 03:47AM

So there were two wrong with this test? The question before also had a mistake. Should I report this to the tech team?

Athena on August 2 at 03:24PM

Please fix this as well. It marked me wrong when my answer was correct.