A factory spokesperson argued that the factory should not be required to clean up the water in the nearby wetlands, m...

Julie-V on July 12, 2019

Explanations for Wrong Answers

Hello! I was wondering if someone could explain how answers A, C, D and E can be eliminated. I see the logic as to why B is the correct answer, but I would like to know how we can safely eliminate the wrong ones. Thanks in advance!

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Irina on July 13, 2019

@Julie Thank you for your question. The correct answer choice B is the only one that parallels the reasoning in the stimulus. The factory spokesperson's conclusion is based on the principle that the factory is not liable for the acts of third party actors, i.e. an independent contractor. Answer choice B similarly states that parents are not responsible for the acts of their children.

If you look at the underlying principle for each of the incorrect answer choices, none of them are similar to the one in the stimulus.

(A) teachers' qualification should be questioned because they received no formal training;
(C) students should not be required to do reading on subjects beyond the scope of classroom instruction to do well in the course
(D) conflict of interest should preclude a prize committee member from participation
(E) politician claims are dubious because they are not supported by eyewitness testimony

Let me know if that helps.