Psychologist: We asked 100 entrepreneurs and 100 business managers to answer various questions and rate how confiden...

ifuhrmanb on July 19, 2019

Answer E

Is E irrelevant because it doesn't matter how confident they are regarding their business acumen? Meaning that if business acumen was taken out E could be a strengthener, or is there something else that makes it the wrong answer?

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Irina on July 19, 2019


This is a strengthen question, thus we are looking for an answer choice that would strengthen the psychologist's conclusion that "especially overconfident [people] are more likely to attempt to start a businesses in spite of the enormous odds against success."

Note that the psychologist only argues that the more overconfident the person is the more likely he is to ATTEMPT to start a business, he never takes a position on whether the business would be successful or not as some of the incorrect answer choices may lead you to believe (B) & (C).

(E) is incorrect because it argues that one's confidence in choosing a correct answer is closely correlated to one's confidence in his/her business acumen, but it is irrelevant to the psychologist's conclusion. He bases his conclusion solely on the respondents' overall confidence , not just confidence in their trade. If you were to take out "business acumen," this answer choice would strengthen the evidence that the psychologist's conclusion relies on, but it would still fail to support the correlation between one's level of confidence and one's likelihood to attempt to start a business as the correct answer choice (D) does.

Let me know if this helps.