Which one of the following could be a list of the majors of Manolo, Nadia, Owen, Peng, and Rana, respectively?

SarahA on July 19, 2019

Is the Game Setup video correct?

In the video explanation for this game setup Scenario 2 is illustrated as follows: M F H N L G O F G P L H/J R L H/J I’ve reviewed the rules quite a few times, and it seems that since Owen is not restricted to being a Geology major, that either Owen or Manolo could be either a History OR a Geology major in Scenario 2. In which case it would be illustrated as: M F H/G N L G O F G/H P L H/J R L J/H Could someone please let me know if I have misinterpreted something in the rules? I've just sat for my first LSAT; and now I am repeating this entire prep course and watching all of the game explanations to make sure that I am fully comprehending the methodology of this program. If I am missing something here please let me know where I am going wrong. Thank you!

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Ravi on July 20, 2019

@msaber, it looks good to me. What did you have a question on regarding the setup?

SarahA on July 20, 2019

For Scenario 2 is the top setup (as shown in the video explanation) correct...Or is the bottom setup correct?

Ravi on July 22, 2019

@msaber, when I looked at the video explanation for this game, I saw that on the left of the screen, Naz showed the rules and general layout of the game. Then she drew 3 worlds on the right side of the screen, all of which looked correct to me. With those worlds, all of the questions should be answerable by referring to them. I didn't see a discrepancy in setup in top vs. bottom, so if I'm missing something, let me know!

SarahA on July 22, 2019

Ok thanks!

Ravi on July 22, 2019

@msaber, you're welcome! Let us know if you have any more questions!