Which one of the following could be a list of the majors of Manolo, Nadia, Owen, Peng, and Rana, respectively?

Serra on July 19 at 09:38PM

Is the Game Setup video correct?

In the video explanation for this game setup Scenario 2 is illustrated as follows: M F H N L G O F G P L H/J R L H/J I’ve reviewed the rules quite a few times, and it seems that since Owen is not restricted to being a Geology major, that either Owen or Manolo could be either a History OR a Geology major in Scenario 2. In which case it would be illustrated as: M F H/G N L G O F G/H P L H/J R L J/H Could someone please let me know if I have misinterpreted something in the rules? I've just sat for my first LSAT; and now I am repeating this entire prep course and watching all of the game explanations to make sure that I am fully comprehending the methodology of this program. If I am missing something here please let me know where I am going wrong. Thank you!

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Ravi on July 20 at 08:50PM

@msaber, it looks good to me. What did you have a question on regarding the setup?

Serra on July 20 at 09:06PM

For Scenario 2 is the top setup (as shown in the video explanation) correct...Or is the bottom setup correct?

Ravi on July 22 at 01:30AM

@msaber, when I looked at the video explanation for this game, I saw that on the left of the screen, Naz showed the rules and general layout of the game. Then she drew 3 worlds on the right side of the screen, all of which looked correct to me. With those worlds, all of the questions should be answerable by referring to them. I didn't see a discrepancy in setup in top vs. bottom, so if I'm missing something, let me know!

Serra on July 22 at 04:23AM

Ok thanks!

Ravi on July 22 at 06:41PM

@msaber, you're welcome! Let us know if you have any more questions!