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Papri-Basu on July 22, 2019

at 24:51...

Would it be appropriate to deduce that just because a variable is not attached to another variable, that we can still determine whether it is to the left or right of the first variable? For example, could I determine from looking at the final product of the larger chain sequence that J could come before O because it is right below N, which is to the left of O?

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Ravi on July 23, 2019


Great question. Yes, J could come before O. However, J and O do not
have a direct relationship to one another, so it's also possible that
O could come before J. We just know that it's possible that J could
come before O or O could come before J, but we need other information
to determine whether or not one is before the other in a given world.

Does that make sense? Let us know if you have any other questions!